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Gransfors Bruks Two-Lugged Beard Ax
Item 503, $380


August 11 2013
We keep one in stock.

Just another really nice ancient reproduction from Gransfors.    The head detail photo really caught the light just right.   Here is what Gransfors Bruks has to say about this piece:

    The Gränsfors Two-Lugged Beard Axe is a Swedish broad axe developed during the 7th century. The broad axe originally came to the Nordic countries from Western and Central Europe and was subsequently developed into two basic axe types: the two-lugged and the four-lugged. The two-lugged broad axe is characterised by two lugs below the eye and was often quite big and heavy. It had a short handle and a long extended edge. The Beard Axe was used primarily as a tool for woodwork and for hewing planks, for example. This type of axe was an essential tool for boat building and constructing Viking buildings, which were built using horizontal planks. This replica is based on an 11th-century axe found in Gothem on the island of Gotland. The original is on display at the Swedish Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm.

The total length is 29.5 inches (75 cm).    The weight is 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg).   The Ax comes with the Ax Book, the Ancient Ax Book, and a vegetable-tanned leather sheath.

Extra handle is item 503-406.

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